Ecommerce FAQ’s

How do I create a job advertisement?

Visit and select the link for ADVERTISE A JOB at the top right corner of the page.

You will see a section titled ‘One Job To Advertise’ – fill in your details here and follow the steps to post your job. Through the website you can purchase 1 job posting for 30 days which will be live within 30 minutes.

Alternatively, click the ‘GET IN TOUCH’ button under the section titled, ‘More Than One Job’ for more details about our advertising packages and how we can help you get your job vacancies online.

How much does it cost to advertise a job?

It costs €765 + VAT to advertise a single job (live on site for 30 days)

Other advertising packages are available. Contact us on +353 (01) 664 2957 or complete this short form for a quotation based on your recruitment needs.

How long will the job be live?

Jobs booked via the online booking facility will be live for 30 days. The closing date will be stated on your booking confirmation.

Please contact us if you need to remove your job earlier.

How do I write an effective job listing?

  1. Include a clear, relevant job title

2. Use the Job Description section (300 characters) to define the employee’s roles and responsibilities and the specification required to do the job.

3. Define the qualifications, experience, skills or knowledge which candidates must have or should ideally have, in order to complete the requirements of the role.

4. The more information the jobseeker has on your organisation and what the job entails, the better applications you will receive.

What logo formats can be uploaded?

PNG, JPEG or GIF image files are accepted.

Can a job be edited once it goes live?

Yes, all you need to do is contact us or your Account Manager directly if you would like to edit your job advertisement.

How are job applications received?

CV applications will be sent to the email address provided in the initial sign up process – when you provided details to post your job.

Can companies based outside of the Republic of Ireland book an online job listing?

Currently, only companies located in the Republic of Ireland can use our online booking facility. Please call us on +353 (01) 664 2957 to book a job listing if your organisation is based outside of Ireland.

Can charities book an online job listing?

Currently, the system cannot facilitate online bookings from registered charities. Please call us on +353 (01) 664 2957 to book a job advertisement.

How can I get a receipt for the purchase of an online job booking?

A VAT receipt for your purchase will follow once you have received your booking confirmation via email.