Why Study with The Open Training College

Why Study with Us

Who we are

The Open Training College is a part of St. Michael’s House, Dublin. We are a not-for-profit organisation, funded through student fees, project work and consultancy.

What we do

We provide education and learning opportunities for people working in the disability, voluntary and not-for-profit sectors, covering:

  • Applied Management
  • Social Studies
  • Supported Employment

We also provide a range of shorter, professional development courses.

How we do it

Our approach allows those working full time to remain in their job while enjoying the benefits of supported study. We do this using the Supported Open Learning Model and the Partnership Approach. The Supported Open Learning Model combines learning materials and methods to make it easier for students to study in their own time. The Partnership Approach is the agreement between students, agencies and employers that ensures students get all the support they need while studying.

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