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Aura currently operates eight leisure centres around Ireland, with a support office based in Dublin.

Our Philosophy

Everybody is different and so are their reasons for wanting better health and well-being. Some may want to drop a dress size while others want to be fitter and have more energy or give themselves the edge in their chosen sport or some just simply want to relax and meet new friends. It varies from person to person. Whatever your reasons or goals are, we'll be with you all the way - guiding, inspiring and helping you get results. It's also going to be fun and you'll be amazed at what we can achieve together.

Our Vision

With Aura, everyone can be healthier, happier and feel better about themselves.

Our Mission

To help people be healthier, happier and feel better about themselves.

Our Values


Our Awards

Aura Sport and Leisure Management have recently been presented with a recognition award by the National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO).

In 2010, Aura Sport and Leisure Management were presented with a prestigious national award by the National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO).

In 2007, Aura was named the 'Overall Winner' in the private sector of the ‘O2 Ability Awards 2007.

The Aura Group has been approved by 'Excellence Ireland Quality Association' for the committed to excellence (EIQA & EFQM) European Recognition Scheme.

In 2010, Aura were honorably selected to form a part of the judging panel for the O2 ability Awards.

In 2008, Aura Youghal scooped the EIQA hygiene award in the Leisure Centre Category.

In 2006, Aura won a record five 'O2 Ability Awards 2006' and have scooped two national awards in both the Environmental Accessibility and Customer Service categories.

In 2005, Aura scooped five awards at the 'O2 Ability Awards 2005' for Customer Service and Recruitment and Training.

All of our leisure centres have secured 'Hygiene Mark (Grade A) awards within 12 months of opening

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