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Emerald Isle Collection

EIC was set up in Dundalk, April 2006, in response to our client demands/needs for a local office, focussing entirely on North & South Ireland and employing local, dedicated, experienced staff who understood the Irish collections market. EIC focus and specialise in contingent Final Debt Collection Solutions and provide a Letter, Telephony & Field service and have a core group of talented and successful Irish collectors, in-house and in the field that have been integral to our local branch continuing to grow, improve and providing a successful local service to our clients during the last 5 years.

Emerald Isle Collections Limited (EIC) is part of the scotcall Group of Companies which was established in 1992 and today the group are still thought of as the No1 provider of field collections across the UK & Ireland. We have strength and diversity within the scotcall Group of Companies and can tailor make our strategies regardless of location thus ensuring all clients receive a bespoke, professional and proven solution.

Emerald Isle Collection

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