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Oh sure, so it sounds a bit crazy: the idea that chocolate could make the world a nicer place to be. But hear us out. Because at Butlers, when we look at one of our roasted almond pralines, say, we don’t just see a chocolate. What we see is a little moment of happiness...

And we reckon that if just such a moment could be experienced by a great many people, and on a regular basis, why then the world might become a happier place.

Okay, so it’s just an idea. But it’s one we’re very happy to be putting into practice. Are we really serious about this? Well, drop into one of our cafes sometime. Order a coffee. And you know what? We’ll give you a chocolate for free. So choose a chocolate flake truffle, perhaps. A hazelnut truffle. Or one of those pralines. It’s up to you.

You see, since we were founded – in Dublin’s Lad Lane in 1932 – we’ve aimed to bring happiness to the world through chocolate.

Purveyors of happiness? It’s in our job description.

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