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SolarWinds is rewriting the rules for how companies manage their networks. Guided by a global community of network engineers, SolarWinds develops simple and powerful software for managing networks, small or large. Our company culture is defined by passion for innovation and a philosophy that network management can be simplified for every environment.

No Shelf-Ware Here

The last generation of network management software vendors produced inflexible solutions with a high cost of ownership and low real-world value. SolarWinds breaks that mold by delivering highly affordable and scalable products that can be downloaded over the web and installed and running in minutes, immediately providing the visibility and control network engineers need most.

Trusted by More Than 1 Million Network Engineers

SolarWinds products are used by more than one million network engineers to manage IT environments ranging from ten to tens of thousands of network devices. Comprised of
fault and performance management products, configuration and compliance products, and tools for engineers, the SolarWinds product family is trusted by organizations around the globe to design, build, maintain, and troubleshoot complex network environments.

The EMEA headquarters is based in Cork, Ireland and has a sales, technical support and finance functions. Visit our website for more information


Date Job Title Location Shortlist
30/03/2015 Sr Systems Engineer Cork
30/03/2015 German Sales Engineer Intermediate Cork
30/03/2015 Account Executive Cork
30/03/2015 Payroll Specialist Cork
30/03/2015 Marketing Specialist Cork
27/03/2015 Mgr, Payroll Cork
27/03/2015 Inside Sales Representative Cork
27/03/2015 Mgr, Sales Cork
26/03/2015 Nordic inside Sales Rep Cork