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Why Work For Us

A|wear is an Irish born affordable female fashion brand in business for the last 26 years. We currently have 32 locations in Ireland. In addition to our store portfolio, we also operate a fully transactional award winning website www.awear.com which not only delivers across Ireland and the UK but also internationally. About Us The A|wear buying team based in Dublin; travel the world in search of the hottest in design inspiration, to ensure the latest trends are translated into beautiful, fun and easy to wear pieces. In fashion terms A|wear offers commercial interpretation from catwalk to store, right timing, clothing that fits with our customer’s lifestyle, constant newness & genuine choice. Get to know us better! Follow us on Twitter & Facebook! Opportunities in A|wear A|wear is the perfect place for people who are fashion-focused, talented, and committed to delivering excellent customer service. There are constantly new opportunities arising in our branches nationwide and also a

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